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Today was an outside kind of day. It was one of those glorious Tasmanian spring days, with a bit of coolness to the air but beautiful vitamin-D-endowing sun streaming down. I put on my gardening clothes and my big dirty boots and basically just pottered around in the garden all day, making piles of rocks (we have excellent quality soil but it’s full of little rocks which is extremely annoying because they’re not big enough to do much with but there are so many it seems like they ought to be useful…which is why I was thinking about gabion walls the other day), relocating shrubs that weren’t thriving, planting pittosporums (pittospora?) along the fence line in the hope that they will grow quickly and fill the gap where we can see into the empty field next door before the new owners start building there soon. Though so far all I can see are a couple of stakes in the ground so I don’t know how soon soon will be.

The post photo is not a great photo but is the rose bed that I have basically crammed full of potted colour seedlings because I want all the flowers damnit. All higgeldy piggeldy petunias, stock, violas, pansies, lobelia. Can’t wait for them to bloom.

I am proud of myself for being very careful with money since I’m now on leave without pay (thank you Centrelink), but I realise how much I indulge in retail therapy because I feel kind of flat not buying stuff. Which is really dumb. But good to have a break from that too I guess. The thing that is a bit trickier is not spending money going out eating or having coffee or drinks, which is something I love to do and can spend quite a lot without even realising it.

So I’ve been home a lot this week. I realise having plenty of green space that is your own is such a wonderful thing because you don’t go as stir crazy when you don’t go out. When we lived in Sydney I know that space came at a very expensive premium (I remember thinking this when I lived in a place that didn’t even have enough clear floor space to do yoga in), but here it is so plentiful it is almost ridiculous. I still can’t believe our yard is what it is but every morning when I sit and watch the fat pine trees swaying and the multitude of birds flitting around I am so grateful. So much healing green and blue to soak up, without anyone else in it.

I had a day this week when I couldn’t get out of bed. That was a bit hard. I couldn’t focus on reading or watching or listening to anything, just drifted in and out of consciousness all day. I imagine that must be really hard for mum to be around, knowing that I’m not just being lazy and sleeping in but I actually can’t function. She worries of course cos she’s my mum. But she is a very good carer. Her main advice is that a shower will probably help. I hate to admit it but she’s right.

Speaking of which my bathroom is getting renovated starting Monday. It feels a bit weird doing it now when money is tight but that’s what we borrowed the money for in the first place, the builder had already bought all the stuff and it would be hard to reschedule. And a dog move to cancel a week before starting.

So that’ll be nice to have a project happening, and a reason to be up early in the morning (my wake up time is getting later and later and that’s not a good habit for when I eventually go back to work). Probably means we won’t actually end up going away anywhere like I’d hoped to but we’ll see. I’ll just have to keep doing fun, different things that are closer to home that I’d normally not have the time to do.

I’m tempted by the idea of hot air ballooning…