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When I first pulled this photo up on my screen I thought “man, I need to clean my lens.” Then I realised they were blurry stars. Still getting used to living out of the city.

We live in such a beautiful place!

Also yes, we’re becoming those people who put lights up. The style of our house kind of begs for it. But a couple of strings of lights don’t go very far…people who go all-out must spend an absolute fortune lighting their houses/yards. So far I’ve just looped some lights around a couple of the little trees and along the hedge leading up to the front door. That’ll do for this year.

If you come visit us in a decade, it might look more like the Griswolds’.


(Though now with solar LEDs we won’t need the nuclear option.)

I actually went to Bunnings and bought a chainsaw today, so I can cut down one of the little Christmas-tree-shaped-trees that have sprouted up in the yard. I could probably cut down about ten trees and you wouldn’t even notice. But then I got the chainsaw home and realised you needed chain oil before you used it. Darn. So I can’t chop anything down til I go back to the hardware store tomorrow. Then there will be indoor Christmas festivity with a tree from our own yard!

This is the pic I accidentally took before I set up the tripod. I rather like it, in its own nightmarish fashion.