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Sometimes I haven’t got enough to write a whole blog post about. But there might be a few little things I could write a paragraph on, so I’ve decided doing a ‘little things’ post is better than not doing a post at all. So here are today’s three little things.

  1. I got a card in the mail today that made me grin and feel good. Ideally, that’s what cards in the mail should do, right? It made me think how much small gestures can impact other people. It takes, what, 10 minutes at most to write a short message, address an envelope and stick a stamp on it, right? There’s even an Australia Post box on the next corner from my house, so I have no excuse. The first week of the year isn’t done yet; maybe I will do Pip’s 52 Hellos after all. I will buy a book of stamps tomorrow.

  3. I’ve been enjoying doing the human biology component of my massage studies. All this stuff from year 12 Bio is resurfacing (I really loved studying biology at high school. Chemistry and physics, not so much). Life on a cellular level is pretty darn amazing! The more I think about the complexity of our bodies, the more it blows my mind. So many tiny processes are just happening while I’m just sitting here, typing away, that I don’t even control. Like cell division! I forgot about cell division. It’s crazy. I don’t know if knowing all this will make me a better massage therapist, but it is important to know how everything fits together when treating people. Also it’s just cool knowing stuff about your own body, don’t you think?

  5. I go back to work tomorrow. My break hasn’t been especially noteworthy, but it’s been good. It’s been so wonderful to have the luxury of rest, of being able to just languidly wake up and wander around in pyjamas half the day and then decide what to do with it, rather than have the day, week, month already mapped out. I find ‘mapped out’ very stressful. It’s weird; you would think it would ease stress, knowing what’s coming up. But it makes me feel trapped and frustrated and tired. So having unfilled, unplanned days is wonderful.