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  1. Bunnings is one of my favourite places. Yes, it’s huge and hot. But there is so much problem solving potential in it. On my way home from work I stopped to get a tube of silicone to fix a problem, and also bought some petunias for a sad patch of dirt in the garden (petunias are so cheerful and simple!) and a long handled hose scrubby brush thing to clean the leaf gunk off the awning that is too high to reach with our ladder (the gunk has built up so much that it actually sprouted several new plants). Three problems solved!
  2. Big things are afoot. I won’t go into detail now but I’m feeling excited about the year ahead, when a week ago I was feeling clouded and a bit weighed down. I’m very much looking forward to starting Susan Nethercote’s Holistic Business Mapping e course in March (Susan was one of the lovelies I went to Bali with).
  3. I am absolutely mesmerised by Helen Green’s gif of David Bowie’s hair over 50 years (I can’t remember where I saw this first so give attribution directly to the artist 🙂 ). People are so clever.

50 years of David Bowie's hair