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Daily Routines

I like to see how and where other people work and I love a good infographic and here are those things combined: the daily routines of famous creative people. This snapshot shows how varied the creative worker’s day can be – sometimes long slabs of work, sometimes little pockets of work, but they don’t necessarily fit into the 9-5 mould.

Some observations:

  • Voltaire only slept four hours a night and then lay in bed working – but I feel sorry for his secretary who had to start work taking dictation at 4am.
  • Maya Angelou rented a hotel room to work in – “the more anonymous the better”.
  • Lots of people factored in going for walks and meeting up with friends and/or eating with family during the day.
  • Not too sure about replicating Victor Hugo’s routine.

If you’re a creative person, do you have a set(ish) routine? What does it look like?

h/t Sydney Etsy Team