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So I am exhausted. But it’s a really good exhausted if that makes sense. I was undecided about whether I would blog this whole trip, but I think I need to because so much is happening I can’t keep it all in.

After a pretty good flight in a comfy Virgin business class seat, eating rather delicious food, I arrived in Bali.
I had to take a photo of the salt and pepper shakers in business class because I love the design of them. And how often am I going to fly business class? I could have kept them I suppose, but I was proud of myself for not collecting more clutter and just taking the photo as a memory. Also, do I really want to be that guy?

I then stood in the customs queue for about an hour, but I just happily checked social media to while away the time, and read my book. (The worst thing about being in a long queue is when the people around you in the queue complain about being in the queue, but you’re all in the same situation. What’s the point of talking about it? For an hour?)
I met up with the driver and E who were waiting for me outside. It took us another hour or so in crazy Bali traffic and winding back streets to get to our accommodation – Villa Gaia in Ubud. I’ve been worried about what I would say to her, a total stranger, for an hour but thankfully we got on pretty well, and she was very conversational so I just had to ask a few questions and the conversation never hit an awkward quiet patch. 
By the time we got there, dinner had already started because we were late. But there was still plenty of food, mostly vegetarian and so tasty. It was pretty overwhelming walking into a room about 23 people, all excitedly talking. But there were lots of smiles.
Not long after that it was sleepytime yoga with Jessie, which was blissful, and then we all went to our rooms. It felt really late because of the travel, but it was only about 9 PM. 
Here is the gorgeous room and huge bathroom (with an outdoor shower!) that I’m sharing with T.

It is so nice having a shower outside 🙂