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When I wrote this question in the list of prompts for the month, I was thinking along the lines of “run a marathon” or “climb a mountain” or something kind of physical. Actually I was really thinking about Matrix-type skilling up –

But today I’ve got a cold and am feeling like even if I could run a marathon I don’t want to. So I will sidestep that.

I would like to travel and explore and write things in interesting places and take amazing photographs and write books about it. Kind of like a travel writer. But not an on-a-shoestring, here are the places you must go kind of travel writer, let’s be clear here. I would want to stay in beautiful places and travel by comfortable means and not have to worry about how the bills were getting paid at home and just write about experiences and people and history and how places feel and all of that.

I would like to explore. And also rest (hence the staying in lovely places bit). And, after I’ve rested, explore some more.