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(I didn’t make this autoplay because I hate autoplay videos and music on webpages, but click the play button above for musical accompaniment to this post…)

My current boost-when-I’m-feeling-low song is His eye is on the sparrow. It’s one of those songs that I’ve never really sung but knew in the background, and seemed kind of old fashioned. Oh how foolish.

Chelsea Moon and the Franz Brothers did a wonderful, uplifting, bluegrassy version and it makes me so joyful to sing it loudly in the car as I drive to work.

As I sang this song this morning, I started thinking about Pharrell’s Happy – we danced and sang to that at the BHB Conference and it really is a feel good tune. But when you read the lyrics what makes him happy? He doesn’t actually say. It just seems like he’s a happy dude. So good for him. But what if you’re not a naturally happy dude? Or what if life is a bit sucky and you just can’t make yourself feel happy?

The thing I love about His eye is on the sparrow is that the happiness – I would say the deep joy – is rooted in what Jesus has done for me, not in just how I feel. So:

Whenever I am tempted, whenever clouds arise
When songs give place to sighing, when hope within me dies
I draw the closer to Him, from care He sets me free
His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me
His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me

I sing because I’m happy
I sing because I’m free
For His eye is on the sparrow
And I know He watches me

I’ve always loved Matthew 10:29-31:

Aren’t two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them falls to the ground without your Father’s consent. But even the hairs of your head have all been counted. So don’t be afraid therefore; you are worth more than many sparrows.

Also sparrows are pretty darn cute.