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Okay so Sammi’s too nice to lay it down as an actual challenge, but I’m going to use her blogging schedule for June. I’ve been doing my Bec’s List of Gratitude, which people seem to like and which I enjoy doing; even on days that don’t feel so great, it’s good to scan over it at the end of the day and remember that no matter what the day has been like there is still so much to be grateful for.

But it’s kind of fun to have a topic for each day too. If you’re a blogger and having trouble thinking of things to write about, or you want to develop a more regular habit, maybe you want to do Sammi’s challenge too? Or what-I-call the SBSGETBM – the Stuff by Sammi Gentle Encouragement to Blog More. Leave me a comment if you are doing it, and/or leave a comment on Sammi’s blog and we’ll read your posts too.

Okay I’m already behind. Better get cracking.