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My aim with this blog has always been to be real. I think about my struggles with depression, for example, and I’ve always wanted to be open and clear about what it’s like to live with depression because it might help someone else in the same situation.

Writing this blog is sometimes also cathartic and helps me work out what I think about things. So often I will start off ranting about something and by the time I’ve finished the post I’ve gained some much-needed perspective, often leading me back to thinking about how God would want me to behave in a situation.

I try not to write about other people (without their permission anyway) – for example, I don’t really talk about relationships or things like that. I don’t want to upset other people unnecessarily or reveal things about them that they may not want the world (well, you) to know. I mean, I talk about my own situation (eg, singleness) but this isn’t a place for dissecting others.

Having said that, I’m usually a bit of an over-sharer anyway so you’ll always know how I feel about things. As my great aunty Bab once said, “I’ve worn my heart on my sleeve all my life, I’m too old to stop now!”

So what will my mission statement be?

To provoke thought, to share life, to be real.

That sounds like it should be superimposed on a photo of a field of daisies in the sunshine or something.

I think I prefer GA Bab’s words. It’s not exactly a mission statement, but I think it sums me up better.