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I love travelling. Maybe it’s partly because I have been doing it since birth, with family living in another country and moving overseas during primary school.

I like good airports. I like getting on planes. I love the rush of the takeoff. The squished into your seat bit is less enjoyable, but the plane we were on yesterday (a Singapore Airlines A380) was pretty comfortable, the food was actually tasty, the cabin crew were really polite and efficient, and there was lots to watch (I was remembering what it was like when there was only one screen up the front of the cabin (or worse, a couple of TV screens mounted above the aisles), and the entire cabin had to watch the same thing at the same time. That wasn’t so fun.).

I watched the Lego Movie – how is it possible for such a silly idea to be so perfect? – started American Hustle but found it far too depressing (I didn’t want to spend any longer with those unpleasant people), laughed out loud at repeats of Miranda, loved Tangled and can’t decide whether I prefer it or Frozen, so I watched the first hour of that again as we descended in to Singapore. I also listened to Lorde and read and enjoyed the ribbon of sunset that seemed to go on forever as we headed north west.
I realised I was quite energised when we got off the plane in Singapore. Mum was wiped out, and I had expected to be, but I was taking it all in. A country that I loved growing up in and yet is almost unrecognisable to me. 
We are staying at the Goodwood Park Hotel because this trip is kind of mum’s semi-retirement celebration and she decided she wanted to stay somewhere absolutely lovely. I remembered coming here for high tea when we lived in Singapore, my first high tea fancy playing ladies experience, I think. Mum said last night part of it was also that this hotel was one of the few things she remembered that she could rely on to still be here – everything changes so fast in Singapore. She hasn’t been here for 20 years, but even in the year or so since I’ve been here, things move on at a rapid pace (and last year we were basically at Sentosa and didn’t see any of the rest of the island).
And the travel fairies were on our side, because we got upgraded without even asking (not that I ever ask, unless there’s a major problem) – to a junior suite! We have two bathrooms! And a sitting room! This is so great.
And now I am starving and we are going to go and enjoy an expensive breakfast. Semi retirement celebration, hurrah!