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So the first Spire Market happened! It was lots of fun. The other stallholders were lovely and had some beautiful things for sale. Everyone set up their stalls in a professional, attractive way…it went pretty much as well as we could have hoped for a first go with only a month’s notice.

Well, it would have been nice to have lots more people through. We didn’t have a crowd at any point, but a steady trickle of people. We’ll have lots more time before the next one (in late March) so we’ll be able to publicise it better and hopefully get lots more people in.

I sold a fair amount of stuff and saw lots of lovely friends – some who came from quite a distance. I got so much pleasure out of creating things and thinking up ideas for future products. So I think all round it was a good venture!

By the way: I have a few things left for sale, in case you didn’t make it on Saturday. I’ll be setting up my Etsy shop too for stuff that I make in between markets, but I’ll keep you posted about that.

Unfortunately, since Saturday night I’ve been completely out of commission. I got the virus that poor mum was knocked out by, so once my body knew it didn’t have to do anything else, it completely gave up. I was in bed, mostly asleep, for the next 48 hours, and am only just starting to feel human again. The fever has gone but I’m only able to function for about half an hour at a time before I have to lie down again.

Oddly enough, while I’m lying in bed, all I can think about are the next things I want to sew…