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Not a good place to rest one's lightsaber

Supanova Sydney 2013, a set on Flickr.

My Optus reception totally sucked at Supanova so instead of tweeting here are my thoughts from the floor:

  • Be kind to others: when you are likely to be in a crowd all day, deodorant is your friend. 
  • Prop-based cosplay is problematic because you have to carry something around all day with you 
  • If you spend ages on your costume you should consider getting a cool bag that matches (I said this last year). Backpacks ruin any outfit unless you are playing Finn from Adventure Time.
  • There were heaps of Finns this year. Last year I only saw one.
  • Alan Tudyk drew a huge crowd. David Hasselhoff did not. 
  • In a roomful of cosplayers, the authority of a police officer in uniform is somewhat diminished. He just looks like a not very flamboyant Australian Village Person.

In other news, we sold out of the 20 copies of Kinds of Blue that Karen brought, and took postal orders for a few more copies. It’s exciting to see that people are still keen to read our little book.