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It feels like those holidays were aeons ago.

Life’s been pretty busy since we got back. Semester two started at college, and if I thought juggling last session’s subjects was difficult, I honestly don’t know how I thought I could cope with five subjects! (for the record they are Church History, Youth apologetics, Biblical Exposition and Exegesis, New Testament and Doctrine) All of them are wonderful, and I am greatly enjoying the thorough and faithful teaching. But it’s relentless.

How do people do a full time load at college, including Greek and Hebrew? How do they do it? I couldn’t even do a semester of Greek part time without feeling like it was all too much (I failed Greek last semester, but wasn’t too bummed about it as I had already decided by that point to change back to the diploma, meaning I didn’t need Greek to complete my studies).

I guess they don’t have to work at the same time. But still. I am in awe of them.

I struggle every day with the feeling that I’m an imposter, that I don’t belong at college, that there are so many more people there with such advanced academic skills…but this is not a new or unique thought. I know many people have thought it. And I know it’s not true! God has brought me to this place, and he has much to teach me while I’m here. My constant prayer is that I will be humble and still and quiet enough to learn, and to let that learning change me to be more the Bec that God wants me to be.