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Have been enjoying music by The Autumn Film today.  They are the band behind Page CXVI (which for some reason I keep calling “page 26” – damn those roman numerals!), so although their music isn’t always about faith and Christianity, that’s the perspective they’re coming from.  I always wonder what non-Christians do with ‘crossover’ artists like these guys and Sufjan Stevens; do they acknowledge the Christian perspective, ignore it, or not even notice it?

My attention snagged on their song Holding Ground from their So Loved EP, and I thought I’d look up the lyrics.  Of course you always get sent to those Free Lyrics Sites of Dubious Quality when you Google for lyrics, but the interpretation of this line particularly amused me (and all the different sites seem to have copied it from the same source):

Frozen here I wait for the warmth of your graze
To open my eyes to the light of your holding place
How can I sustain this never ending existing pace?

“Hmm.  What could that word be?  Something that rhymes with place and pace…um…nope.  Must be graze.  That doesn’t really make sense, though I suppose grazes can be warm…that must be it.  Maybe it’s deep or something.”

But the reason I liked this song was for this section, which just hit me where I needed to hear it today:

‘Cause you’re patient with my impatience
And you tell me that I’m lovely
‘Cause you’re faithful when I’m unfaithful

And so I’ll wait…and I’ll pray
pray that I can wait…and so I’ll wait.