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This is what I look like on the inside.

So I realised I hadn’t updated people on the situation with my head and some are wondering whether I’m okay. Well, yeah kind of and no not really. Yeah I’m fine in that although the ‘artefact’ in my brain is still there, it hasn’t changed or grown or made me telekinetic, so that’s good. And no, I’m not okay in that I still have chronic headaches that seem to be almost constant now, occasionally migrainey but usually just thrumming away in the background. The specialist is sending me off to a neurologist “just to be sure” that the artefact isn’t anything serious (I may have had it all my life, apparently, but it’s better to be sure).

In the meantime, I’m continuing with the acupuncture twice a week which does seem to be helping alleviate some of the symptoms in the short term, at least. I’ve also started counselling again and we’re working on decreasing my stress / adrenalin levels. Apparently I have been running on a high adrenalin level constantly for some time now, which isn’t a healthy way to live (and probably has something to do with the headaches). It would be very nice if I didn’t have to resort to drugs to get a full night’s sleep, but it does become tempting when you wake up every night at 3am with a pounding head.

Anyway, that’s where I’m at! I’ll update you when I know more.