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I’m here. I’m here!

Things already have started to turn around. My bag was the first one out of the chute. The shuttle bus picked me up almost as soon as I went outside the airport. I was the first on the bus to be dropped at her destination. My host was out for half an hour and it was raining, so I went across the road to a restaurant and had supreme comfort food – macaroni et trois fromages (hee), mousse aux chocolate, a glass of house red and a very strong espresso. I checked in to La Villa Paris (my lovely room is the last one on this page, and for the first time ever the photos actually do the real thing justice). I had a glorious shower. I checked my email and blogged to wind down. And now I am very happily lying on my very large, fluffy white bed, and am going to have a nap because I have finally hit the wall.

Totoro, however, is wide awake.