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what i did to the car, originally uploaded by the procrastinatrix.

Yeah so. This is what I did to the car.

I slept really well last night, for the first time in ages. I woke and thought “I’m going to take my time today, take it easy, look after myself.” So I pottered around the house, took my time, and drove to work.

I had pulled onto the side of Houston Road to do a u-turn and was waiting for the traffic to clear. Eventually it did (or so I thought), so I put my blinker on and turned out onto the street. And promptly got smashed into very hard by a Spanish woman in a RAV4.

Thankfully, neither of us was hurt. We both cried and hugged and apologised a lot. I did hit my head on the window, and the ambos came and checked me out but said I should be fine. The police took about an hour and half to get there. The tow trucks, of course, were there within seconds.

I have to go now and buy a TravelTen.