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In an attempt to address the headaches, I’ve started acupuncture. This is different to the deep needling technique that the chiropractor used on me to relieve the stress in my shoulders. This is more classical acupuncture, but Dr Lowe also seems to have interesting theories and a satisfyingly wholistic approach to treatment. He’s also a Christian; it was unusual, when he was talking to me about how all the various systems in the body are connected, to hear a doctor remark on how amazing God is, and how the body is so much more complex than God has revealed to us.

He thinks my headaches are all complicated by my depression, stress and anxiety, so his initial plan is to try to raise my serotonin levels. I also have to get an MRI, which I hear from Sam and Barbara isn’t the world’s most pleasant experience (and isn’t cheap either), but that should either reveal or cancel out any underlying physical problems.

I’ve only had two acupuncture sessions so far but they do seem to help a little bit. The only problem is the day or two after I’m usually quite emotional. Today wasn’t an exception! But thankfully I had good friends to talk to, something interesting and involving to do at work, and I was alone down my end of the office so when the emotions leaked out it wasn’t too embarrassing…

Now, however, I’m very tired. I’m not going to Bible study, but I think I’ll have a bath and go to bed early.