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Chad Perrin explains why I like working at night time much more than during the day (substitute ‘hack’ for ‘writing’ or ‘designing’):

Crazy-late hours of intensive hacking lend themselves naturally to entering, and sustaining, a deep state of “hack mode”:

  • Other (saner) people aren’t around to interrupt. They’re all asleep. This provides additional safety when juggling eggs.
  • The requirement of keeping from disturbing others inhibits the tendency to engage in distracting entertainments (like TV). This almost forces one to focus entirely on one’s work. Only something like reddit stands in the way.
  • Subjectively speaking, it seems that the wee hours of the morning lend themselves to an almost surreal, abnormal perspective. Inspiration can be found in odd places under that sort of influence — which leads to new ideas coming to mind and being explored that, by the light of day, may have been dismissed immediately as “crazy talk”.

via Lifehacker