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Well here’s some news. I’m going overseas in April! I’m very excited about this – it’s been a few years since I’ve been overseas and I’ve just been longing to get on a plane and go somewhere.

It’s going to be a leisurely three weeks of catching up with friends and seeing the stuff I feel like seeing on any given day. I’ll be heading over to France first to stay with Emma and Stuart who are in Fontainebleu (45 mins out of Paris). Then over to Oxford to hang with the Baddeley Three. Then to Belfast to stay with Bek and John, and hopefully with Jake joining us. And on the last night before I fly back to Sydney via Singapore, we’re all going to see Bjork play in Belfast!

I haven’t completely decided what things I want to see yet. The top priority is to meet Jonathan Baddeley. But aside from that, the itinerary is open to suggestion. If anyone has favourite Paris/Oxford/Belfast haunts, cafes, restaurants, whatever do let me know!