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I really hate the expression ‘baby bump’. It’s one of those terms that has snuck into the popular lexicon and just taken hold. It seems to surface most often when talking about celebrity appearances on the red carpet.

The papers and mags don’t talk about a couple being pregnant anymore, they say “So-and-so was seen sporting a baby bump”, as though the woman had just shoved a pillow up her dress or something. If the male’s hand is seen “hovering protectively” around his partner’s middle region, or if she feels like wearing something slightly loose and comfortable instead of skin tight, it’s all cause for the media to go into conniptions about whether or not she’s expecting.

Who’d be a celebrity, honestly? Given the struggles so many people have in conceiving, imagine it all being dissected in ravening detail in every magazine, newspaper and gossip blog. And imagine that precious life being referred to in such trivial terms as being nothing more than a ‘bump’. Or imagine, as a mother, being lumped into a group of famous women for whom ‘baby bumps are the latest accessory’.

I hate it. It’s demeaning. It’s stupid. And it’s lazy writing.