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gingerbread, originally uploaded by the procrastinatrix.

went to the Gingerbread House making at Wild St Church last night, having been invited by Sam (who I met at a service there), and also my boss, now that I think about it. There were about 80 women all packed into this tiny church hall to hear a talk about Jesus’ birth, and to make gingerbread houses. I wanted to try to get to know some of the other women from that church, but of course we all got absorbed in the activity of house-making and there wasn’t that much conversation that didn’t involve discussion about candy cane placement.

Of course, my icing bag exploded somewhere near the beginning of the evening, so I was pretty much covered in icing sugar and globs of icing for the whole night. I was disheartened to see the woman next to me didn’t have so much as a sprinkling of icing sugar out of place, but then I looked at her house and it explained a lot – everything was excruciatingly neat, all the lollies in very straight rows along the house’s roof. It was beautiful, but…neat. Almost too neat.

Still, I quite like the way my gingerbread houses always look a bit haphazard and joyous. Who wouldn’t love to live in a house like that? (well probably the woman I sat next to last night)