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me hammock, originally uploaded by the procrastinatrix.

My mother, in her usual fashion, has given me my Christmas present early. Well, she had to because I had to choose it. Anyway, it arrived today and I took great delight in setting up my purple hammock in the backyard! No waiting til December 25 for me, nosirree!

It’s a very cool Anchor Hammock, Australian designed (though made in China) and it is just the most divine thing. When you lie back in it, the parachute fabric kind of closes around you and it’s like being in a pea pod (or how I imagine that would feel, never having actually been in a pea pod). It is so soothing just lying there, gently swaying and looking up at the clouds skating across the sky. It also has a sunshade for when it’s actually, well, sunny. And I reckon it would be the most comfortable thing to go camping with – much better than sleeping on the ground.

If I had more time and didn’t have to pack for NTE, I’d probably just lie out there all night…I go tomorrow morning at 6am! I’m unbelievably tired, as you can probably tell from the most unflattering photo, and there are still plenty of things to do to get myself organised. I just hope I get some miraculous burst of energy and can get through it all, and that I’ll be able to actually take in some of the stuff at the conference.

Bring on the adrenaline!