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i’m optimistic that i’ll be well enough tomorrow to go to work. i’m going to try my best, anyway. i only did four relatively small things this weekend and each felt monumental.

what i did on the weekend by rebecca, aged 30 and 3/4

  • i joined a gym
    ok, so joining a gym when you’re sick doesn’t seem like the smartest thing to do. but i’ve been thinking about the need to get a bit more active for a long time, and they waived the (considerable) joining fee for the australia day long weekend. so i did it. emma also goes to this gym and she’s the most motivated person i know, so hopefully once i am well enough to go regularly i will start to get fit. hurrah!
  • i went to hannah and eddie’s wedding
    it was at st andrew’s cathedral in the city and it was beautiful. hannah walked down the aisle to ‘i can only imagine’ by MercyMe, which is a song that makes me cry every time i hear it on its own (though i know it in an amy grant version). so to see her looking just beautiful, walking beside her father who was just bursting with pride, to that song, nearly undid me completely. i’m just glad it’s not out of place to cry at weddings. tim bowden’s sermon was excellent too. but i didn’t stick around for the afternoon tea as i needed to go home and lie down.
  • i went to mum’s and did my washing
    this is fairly prosaic, but it meant having lunch at the green mango cafe on clovelly road and just hanging out with my mum. which was nice.
  • i baked a cake
    mama grace’s chocolate cake. ’nuff said.

i can’t believe i’m 30 and 3/4. anyway, i digress…

what this post was originally going to be about, before i wandered so far away from the point, was that despite all the unwellness and boredom and depression, this last week has given me some great insights and a rejuvenation of my prayer life. we’ve been working on the next issue of Salt magazine at work (well i’ve been doing my bit at home), and it’s going to be on the topic of prayer. so reading through various articles and books has made me realise how little i actually do pray, and has prompted me to do something about it. and i find the more i talk to God, the more i want to talk to him, about everything. and most of all, i’ve been so incredibly humbled and felt so grateful that i can call the creator of the universe ‘Father’ and that he listens to me when i talk to him.

i just think that’s wonderful.