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it turns out that yes, my neck and back were more damaged than first thought. i’ve put in a claim with the guy’s CTP insurer and – thank the Lord – i got a letter back from them yesterday saying they’re willing to pay up to $500 of my treatment bills. if it goes over $500 i’ll have to lodge a personal injury claim – but really, that’s all i want, just to be reimbursed for the chiro.

i’ve been to him a few times already. the C1 and C2 vertebrae in my neck seem to pop out of alignment with alarming frequency, causing immense headaches and the feeling like i’ve been whacked in the back of the head with a sockful of sand. my lower back is also stuffed and the combination of the two means the middle of my back is being pulled out of alignment. joy! so it makes days of sitting up at the computer rather a challenge.

so what is the most logical thing to do when you a) have back problems and b) no longer have a car and have to catch public transport everywhere? yes that’s right folks, you go out and buy a pair of 4 inch high heels.

PS. they were on sale. honest.
PPS. i’m turning into such a girly girl – what’s going on?!
PPPS. you hang up first.
PPPPS. no you hang up!
PPPPPS. no you ha-