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so the cocktail party happened last friday…i think i’m still recovering. not quite sure, the weekend has been a bit slooow, but then it might be that i only got three hours sleep on saturday and then went to the church working bee as well. nothing to do with the cocktails. nothing.

it was a strange day. i was stressing myself out again, and getting all worried that nobody would come when i kept getting all these SMSs and emails from people saying that they couldn’t make it for one reason or another. eventually i stopped feeling sorry for myself, reasoned that the people i knew were definitely coming would have fun, and surrendered myself to the hairdresser for almost three hours. at the end of it she even put glitter in my hair because, well, it was my birthday party and you had to have glitter.

i raced to redfern to pick up my brother, then we went to broadway and bought a whole bunch of fresh fruit and lovely cheese from harris farm, as well as four huge bags of M&Ms (try the mint ones, they’re yummy!). of course it was peak hour by this stage and i was trying not to get worked up again as we sped back across town. mum was waiting with some delicious chinese food, which i wolfed down, then got all dressed up and sat back with a glass of sparkling shiraz.

all round a lovely bunch of people turned up. we drank delicious things containing various combinations of lychee, passionfruit, mint, raspberry, chocolate, and the white spirits of course. there were broadway musicals, interludes on the roof (which my neighbour, seth, didn’t appreciate – though it was just me and nic having a chat), a bizarre moment when my brother insisted we put on his chicago CD (the band, not the musical – what is that about?!) and all round good conversation. it’s nice to be dressed up and looking glam in your own house; when you get over it all you can just kick off your high heels and relax on the couch.

nic is very talented at this cocktail mixing lark! unfortunately he seemed to be on the good ole one-for-you, one-and-a-bit-for-me kind of thing as he made the drinks, and was at his argumentative, belligerent best by around 2am. half the party had left by this stage, and so it was bek, john, jackie and nic’s girlfriend linda, who can all argue back at him and know what he’s like, so for a while it was kind of interesting. but then he and i got into a heated discussion about something or other and he ended up making me cry – it’s my party and i’ll cry if i want to – but it was all good in the end. there’s a lot of highly emotional stuff that lies just under the surface with him and me, and it can all be going along swimmingly and one of us will scratch the surface and it’s all over. he was mortified that he’d upset me and when i saw him the next day he was extremely apologetic. bek rang me the next day and said “hey we all get it, it’s just family!”

i’ve only just managed to mop the kitchen floor (so sticky it sounded like bubble wrap when you walked on it). and with that, the birthday week draws to a close, but celebrations are not over! some people who couldn’t make it to the party are feeling guilty and wanting to take me out for dinner and/or drinks…hurrah! wonder if i can spin it out to a birthday month…? 🙂

now i’m going to sit down with a cup of tea and watch before sunset which i just bought for $8, and then wander over to mum’s for dinner. i’m trying not to think about the fact that i have to go back to work tomorrow. nooooo!
this is my first...i swear!
the broadway moment
my brother holding forth to a bemused audience
me and claire