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staying the weekend with bek and john at a property in woodford in the blue mountains. it’s delightfully peaceful, i have a waterbed, and as you can see from the picture, today i got to feed campari the horse with sarafina and shea, bek’s niece and almost-niece.

there are also dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, sheep, goats and alpacas. they all have names, except the three brown ducks which are known as ‘little duck’s girlfriends’ (little duck is a belligerent white duck who wags his tail a lot).

it is so nice to finally have a couple of days’ space. my head has needed clearing for quite some time…a couple of weeks would be nice, but as that won’t happen until Christmastime, a few days here and there will do nicely.

we have to find one of the cats now. then we are going to go cook a stir fry, drink some schnapps and perhaps watch firefly, or maybe house of flying daggers.

life is so hard.