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well here we are, my dad, me, my brother and my mother at kate and iain’s wedding. nic scrubs up pretty well (he ought to, the suit cost a fortune).

it’s kind of funny going places as a family, especially to events like that one where there were lots of people who have known us all for years but haven’t really had much to do with us since my parents divorced. people are never quite sure how to behave around us, in a don’t-mention-the-war kind of way. like one woman, notorious for letting the words tumble out before thinking:

“Victor! I had to come up and say how beautiful your children are! I hope you’re taking good care of your lovely family! Your beautiful children! And your beautiful…” pause, as she looked at my mother and the penny dropped. “…Rachel!” and then she turned tail and ran.

still we had a relatively good night. kate is an old friend from childhood and we’re all a bit like cousins. she was thrilled to have us there and i was more choked up seeing her come down the aisle than i was at any of my actual cousins’ weddings. iain is from manchester, and they’ve gone back there for a few years to live. he seems like a lovely guy.

it gets stranger as i get older and people much younger than me are getting married. and having children! it seems a situation that’s quite far away from me really, whether i want to be in it or not. i wonder how people know they’re ready for that phase of life. have they suddenly become responsible adults with savings and insurance and all that wordly stuff? or do they just jump in together ‘for better or worse’ and see what happens? if and when i get married, that’s how it’s going to have to be for me; i’ll be waiting forever if i have to grow up first! 🙂

as long as my brother keeps dragging me up to dance, though, i’ll be happy going to weddings with him.