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it’s been a brilliant birthday week. i had 5 days off and it was like a holiday. i got to go to the mountains for an afternoon, and it was cool and clear and i watched the sun set at echo point. i got to read a whole novel from cover to cover. i ate far too much delightful food, often involving chocolate and/or sprinkles. i drank lots of sparkling wine and some delicious baileys. i was given many lovely presents – photographic evidence accompanies this post. material stuff aside, i was reminded how much my family and friends love me, and that’s a wonderful thing.

it’s also been great catching up with various people i haven’t seen for ages, and finding out that how many people i can fit in my living room all at once. jen said it was a handy thing to know – “i’m not sure why, but i’m sure that it is something like knowing your blood type, or the kind animal you would be if you could be any animal, or the exact location of your liver…” i don’t know the answer to any of those questions – but i do know i can fit 18 people in my living room!

[actually, now grasping that tangent firmly, i have no idea what kind of animal i would be. the first thing that springs to mind is ‘horse’ but i don’t know why – i wasn’t even really a horsey kind of girl, and am too old for the saddle club (thank goodness). i like birds but they’re kind of twits as a rule (well the ones i like, anyway) and i don’t think i’d last long as one.]

mum wants to know how i’m going to top this birthday next year, for my 30th. i have a while to plan it…