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This got me excited (excited, because I’m always amazed and encouraged when I unexpectedly discover someone I respect and admire is a Christian, and is bold about it. It seems particularly unlikely in Teresa Nielsen Hayden’s case, that she would be so forthright about her faith, being a sci fi editor and someone whose blog is read by lots of people, many of them steadfastly anti-religion – but it makes it even cooler somehow!).

And I most heartily concur with her beliefs, by the way.

I had a great Easter, I don’t know about you. Everything just worked this year – some years I get too distracted by what I have to do (I play music at my church) and don’t focus on the reason why I am participating and celebrating Easter. But this year all the talks/sermons at church were brilliant, the music rocked (except for the hymn, but that wasn’t supposed to), I spent time with people I love, and, something I find exciting, I read passages in my Bible that I’ve read hundreds of times before and they struck me in new ways. I find it difficult sometimes to read my Bible with more thought than I do the back page of the newspaper – and there’s hardly any point doing it if it’s just a chore. Over the last week, however, I’ve been reading in the four gospels about the last hours of Jesus’ life (the events covered in The Passion for those unfamiliar with the books), and been gripped by the visceral reality of the narratives, and the massive implications of what is actually happening.

If you don’t believe what I believe, then I suppose it might just seem like an interesting story, or a powerful myth. But if you do believe…isn’t it incredible?