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monthly thing roundup


memento on DVD

first saw this in singapore on someone’s laptop so had to see it again on a real sized screen. still impressed with the storytelling. and carrie-anne moss.

matrix reloaded

saw this earlier in the month on the opening night, complete with the usual try-hards in leather jackets and sunglasses. want to see it again – not sure it’s as good as its predecessor but feel confident it will all fit better as one block once the third one comes out.


daniel deronda – last episode on tonight of this george eliot adaptation. don’t know why i like it, the lead chick is actually quite annoying. must be the costumes and the flouncing and the troubled young men with sideburns. but it does make me want to go and read george eliot, don’t know why i haven’t as yet.


carpe jugulum – terry pratchett

continuing on my witches’ trajectory, avoiding real books.

on not speaking chinese – ien ang

a real book, mainly for uni, but a very cool book by a very interesting woman


new map of the world – paul coleman trio

about a boy – badly drawn boy