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  • Making: I’m finding it really hard to make anything. I keep starting things, like crochet projects or needle felting or even colouring in, and I find my focus slips away and I don’t want to do it anymore. I try to think of small, easy things but I’m finding it really hard to stick at anything. And yet something in me is just yearning to create, to make something with my hands. I know this is okay, not being able to create when I’m still in repair, but it’s frustrating at the same time. Baking is okay though, I can do that. And gardening.
  • Cooking: Kueh lapis – this is the nine-layer pink and white steamed layer cake that I adore. We had just been out to the new Malaysian restaurant in town called Malaycious and were looking forward to ais kacang, but their shaved ice machine hasn’t arrived yet. Even though I was full I was still craving Malay sweets. When my Chinese grandmother died I basically sat at her three-day wake and ate nothing but this. My attempt tastes wonderful but I need to work on the layers. It’s basically just a pink and white blob at the moment.
  • Sipping: three-layer tea from Malaycious – tea, condensed milk and palm sugar.
  • Reading: Ring the Hill by Tom Cox – I love his writing style, and his wry but affectionate observations on life as a writer who loves the English countryside. And cats. Got to love a man who loves cats.
  • Waiting: to feel rested after all this sleep I’m getting.
  • Looking: at social media far too much.
  • Listening: to Clare Bowditch and Wil Anderson talk about important things like art, the arts, how we’re coping (or not) in this current era, and wishing they had just kept talking for another hour (Wilosophy).
  • Wishing: I didn’t have to earn a living.
  • Enjoying: singing impromptu three or four-part harmonies with people around me at church on Sunday.
  • Appreciating: people who have and are praying for me.
  • Eating: a delicious meal on the weekend of roast pork and crackling, followed by sticky date pudding. Made best by being with friends.
  • Liking: my clean and slick looking new bathroom (even if it’s not quite finished yet).
  • Loving: seeing the landscape turning as spring unfolds.
  • Buying: Jess Green and Stephanie Carmichael’s wonderful Stories for Little Ones picture books because I realised I only had one of them and I wanted to be able to read them all to young friends.
  • Managing: to get up every day, even if I don’t do much.
  • Watching: Schitt’s Creek and finishing season 6 just in time to see the cast and team win all their well-deserved Emmys.
  • Hoping: my peonies don’t get eaten by wildlife before they get a chance to bloom.
  • Wearing: a plain dress that’s made from stretchy, comfortable navy fabric and has a lantern hem, which is kind of tulip-y and I love it. I just got sick of wearing jeans and track pants.
  • Following: Jeff van der Zandt on Instagram
  • Noticing: that I feel calmer and more hopeful in the days after I do neurofeedback training with my psychologist. The most recent session was longer than the first. I chose Bridget Jones and the Edge of Reason. I still didn’t feel like I was achieving much but I definitely noticed a boost in my mood and more clarity the rest of the day.
  • Sorting: slides from a box in the garage of me and my family from the 70s…photos I’ve never seen! (see above)
  • Getting: teary.
  • Bookmarking: bits in that old chestnut, Boundaries by Henry Cloud and John Townsend. It is really such a helpful book when trying to get your head straight about so many things.
  • Coveting: the ability to think clearly and focus for a decent length of time.
  • Feeling: nervous as my time off ticks away. I don’t know how I am. I don’t know what I can do again. I don’t know if I’m ready. I am terrified.
  • Hearing: God telling me to trust him.

What have you been up to?

List of prompts from Pip Lincolne’s blog, Meet Me At Mike’s.