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  • Sorting out my ergonomics
    I seem to have done something to my back. This happens periodically, and I can never work out what the inciting incident is, but I think it’s because I carry stress there, and life has been very stressful for a while. I mentioned my chair/desk situation to HR at work and it turns out I’ve been sitting on an excellent chair this whole time, I just didn’t know how to adjust it! *facepalm* You have to unzip the covering and fiddle with various velcro straps to get the right amount of tension for you…not super intuitive, but I am grateful I’ve been shown how to fix it. Also I’m getting a standing desk too soon, so I’m grateful for that as well. Sore backs are not fun.Speaking of office decor, I also went and bought some poster rails at lunchtime yesterday and hung up a few of the posters that I’ve designed or that we’ve had printed this year that were just sitting in a tube, rolled up. I don’t know if it really helps all that much – I would very much like to get an indoor plant but can’t afford it – but it’s good to see things that we’ve done and remember that all the busyness has generated some decent work! And good to get some colour on the very blank walls.
  • Remembering to move
    I’ve been trying to do yoga regularly again. Why do I always forget how good it is for me? Just stretching out all the tension at the end of the day is bliss, but getting on the mat sometimes seems too hard. It’s easier to just flop onto bed, tight muscles and all, and pretend that I’m not in agony. I use an app called Down Dog that requires a subscription, but is worthwhile I think. It generates a different routine for you each time and you can specify the duration, intensity, style of yoga, etc. The thing I really like is the music is chilled out but it’s not all whalesong and weirdness, it changes with each routine too and the app even gives you links to Spotify/Apple Music at the end, if you particularly liked one of the songs. Early on it played Sigur Rós so I knew it would be good.
  • Getting cast
    I got into Mamma Mia! which will be playing in March/April 2020. I’m in the ensemble, and there are quite a few people I know from past shows. I know it makes me very busy when I have multiple standing engagements, but being part of a group making something always lifts the spirits. Apparently there were around 200 people who auditioned so I am very grateful to have gotten in.
  • Spring bulbs
    Good job, past me, for planting all those bulbs (above) in a giant pot that sits outside our back door. Several types of daffodil and tulips are coming up, and it’s delightful to see every morning.
  • Godmotherly visit
    Freda, my Clayton’s godmother-when-you-don’t-really-have-an-official-godmother, came to stay for a few days and it was so wonderful to have her here. She has had a profound influence on me and many other people, just by being herself and courageously following the hard path God set before her. She visited us when we lived in PNG and Singapore when I was growing up, and those were significant times in my memory, as much as going to her house and partaking of her generous hospitality so many times when I was a child. But once we moved back to Australia, we seemed to see less of each other as time went on. So it’s been wonderful to have had her here in our Tasmanian home and to reconnect.

I have to remember when I am tired and achy, which is most of the time at the moment, that really I do have a lot to be grateful for! I would also really like a holiday, but mostly to sleep. It’s hard not to be jealous when most of the school shuts down over the holidays but our office doesn’t.