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I’m not very well at the moment, though I do very much feel for my dear friend G who has been suffering for weeks with glandular fever. Three days in bed and I’m already doubting who I am as a human being. Also I am not prone to melodrama in the slightest. No, no, it’s just that when even hanging out the washing is a bit too taxing, and you’re stuck in bed scrolling through social media, it’s easy to feel like you’re a useless blob. Also exacerbated by not being able to work to capacity so having no money coming in. Boo.

(So I do keep praying for G and other friends I know with chronic illnesses because it’s horrible to be sick at any level.)

I figure I may as well do a bit of an update while I lie here feeling like nothing’s been happening. Cos quite a bit has been happening. Well, life. You know. And I didn’t tell you the outcome of the events from the last few posts.

Well, a propos my last post, I did go to WhiteWater World and I did go on the slides. It was fun! Actually probably more enjoyable than Dreamworld because a) water and b) lots of places to lie around. I am a big fan of lying around. And Dad and Janice’s little ones absolutely love water play. They were kind of okay with Dreamworld, but we pretty much had to bribe them with ice cream to leave the water park.

It was a stressful day though, because that job interview I went for (you may remember my haircut) had called me in for a second interview and not only that, but they said “oh we’ll just give you a scenario to prepare for” – thankfully the HR person had called me to tell me this before I left for the Gold Coast because I hadn’t been planning to take my laptop away with me.

Mid-afternoon the day before we went to the water park, I had gotten the brief, and I totally freaked out because it wasn’t a scenario in a “what would you do in this situation” sense. It was a brief for a full ad campaign, with various deliverables (a billboard, a print ad, social media campaign, etc – all completed artwork, not just concept), to be emailed back by close of business the day before the interview. That gave, in theory, about 48 hours but because I’d be travelling back for most of the day before the interview, I really only had about 36 hours to work on it. If I didn’t sleep. Or do things with my family on our, you know, family holiday.

It did seem like a lot to me, but I thought, well I guess they want to know how I’ll cope under pressure. They did know I was away on holidays, though I didn’t tell them that I’d had to change my flight home to go to the second interview (which cost a few hundred dollars). It did briefly occur to me that perhaps it wasn’t the best idea to get in the habit pre-interview stage of being known as a person who will work anytime, anywhere, but then I thought, well, if you want a job you do have to jump through the hoops.

So I spent the day alternating on water slides and sitting in the shade, working on an ad campaign and trying not to feel like it was totally unreasonable. I mean I haven’t really gone for gigs in the secular space before, maybe that’s just how they do things, right? But it wasn’t a great feeling, nor was it especially kind to my family who had to put up with my stressheadedness.

My workstation

Well I look the part anyway, even if I wasn’t feeling it

Anyway. I got it done. I was super proud of myself. I even liked the work I did in the end. I had been given some belated Chinese new year ang pow money (which was very kind of dad and my aunt and uncle!) so I bought a nice new outfit at the giant mall near our accommodation (we don’t have malls in Launceston). I did get to enjoy a bit of the Gold Coast, going for walks down to the beach, finding a local market, catching up with the fam, etc.

I think this is my favourite pic from the trip – me and Celine

View from Dad and Janice’s flat

View from the flat I shared with Nick

I always feel like the Gold Coast looks like it’s about to crumble into the sea, like in Inception or Dark City

The interview went well I thought. They liked my work. The interviewer laughed ruefully when I said it had seemed like a lot and said he’d showed the brief to his wife and she’d been concerned! They were warm. I left with a spring in my step, feeling pleased that I had done my best, and I’d been able to talk confidently about my work and how I’d approached the task. I actually felt pretty confident that I’d got the job.

They said they’d let me know the result by close of business the next day, which was a Friday. They didn’t. I tried not to let it faze me, assumed maybe something else had come up. Tried not to think about it all weekend. Got the call on Monday. They liked me and my stuff but were going with someone else who had more social media experience. Fair enough, I thought. I hung up and cried for a minute or two, but honestly I think it was more the release of the pent-up stress from the preceding week.

Then I just thought, well, I have to hunker down and work on the work I have in front of me. I have some great clients and the freedom to rest and work when and where I want. These are great things. And as time has gone on, I’ve heard a few things about the culture at that workplace that make me think I might not have been a great fit for that job after all. So I felt quite at peace in the end, especially knowing that so many people were praying for me, that God was definitely directing my path, and he didn’t want me there.

Also the more I think about it, and especially in the wake of all the Facebook drama going on at the moment, I am really quite glad I’m not having to work on social media campaigns. It’s just not something I enjoy or feel comfortable doing. It’s definitely does not appeal to the creative part of me.

But despite the peace, I felt a bit annoyed that I had expended so much on something that yielded little. I did learn some good things about myself, about what I do and don’t want to do, but it would have been nice if those lessons hadn’t cost quite so much in time, money and effort. There was also an application for a writing retreat due around the same time and I did submit it, but the job application kind of eclipsed that, and I felt that if I’d known the outcome, I would have been better served putting more effort into the writing application, because really that’s what I want to be doing!


Huh, I was going to catch you up on other things too but look this post is already long enough and I think I need to lie down again. More soon.