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Well Jessie from Symphonic Band challenged me to 100 days of practise over on Instagram and because I’m a sucker for a challenge and really need to work on levelling up my flute playing this year, I accepted. It’s not a new year’s resolution because I started it before new year’s…up to day five so far.

Given that I have hardly done any proper technical work in the last 20 years and only really practised the charts we were doing in band last year and nothing else, I’m realising just how rusty I am. But my goals are to work on:

  • not getting flummoxed by notes in the third octave (both tonally and reading them on the page…they always throw me)
  • improve in sight reading
  • improve in speed

Stacks of other musos (much much more accomplished ones than I!) are also doing the challenge and it is both inspiring and defeating in equal measure (check out #100daysofpractice). But also a good reminder that no matter how good you are, you still need to work on your stuff every day – whether that’s writing, drawing, music, whatever.

Jen said I should make it like levelling up a character in World of Warcraft (which we’ve been playing again in the holidays, because her boys are finally old enough to get into playing and it’s so much fun when the five of us can all catch up to slay some bad guys). Well that makes it even more fun! She suggested nice stationery things as loot…I haven’t decided how many ‘levels’ will qualify for a reward. In WoW you usually get some sort of boost or unlock some achievement every 10 levels or so. Perhaps 10 days without missing a day and I get to buy a nice pen or add to my coloured pencil collection or something. Ooh – Launceston Art Centre, here I come!

If you want to hear how I improve over the next few months, follow me on Instagram. In the meantime here is a picture of my current WoW character, in a top hat. Just because.