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Here’s what I made at my glass workshop last weekend! (minus one piece – I’ll show that one later)

The ‘caterpillar’ – basically just teaching how to create a line/indent in the glass (mine looks nothing like any kind of creature…maybe a little sprite of some kind):

This was my last bowl – I was pretty tired by this stage, and couldn’t move fast enough/squeezed the jacks too hard and it went a bit wonky. But I don’t mind it. And I love how the colours turned out!

Paperweight! The colours are quite dark so it’s a bit hard to see the detail. But I rather like how it looks completely different depending on the angle you view it from/where the light is.

My first bowl – I layered the colour with this one, so did yellow chips of glass with blue powdered glass, then another layer of yellow and another layer of blue. I didn’t realise this would make the colour trapped in the inner layers look sort of burned. But it’s growing on me, and I like the sparkly swirl of the blue powdered glass.