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Pardon me, Coco just walked across the keyboard. You may hear a little background noise this week, as it’s pelting down rain outside and the cats have been most seriously displeased.

I do love Montgomery’s ways of describing the various characters of Avonlea. I especially liked this paragraph:

The newcomer was gorgeously arrayed in a pale blue summer silk, puffed, frilled, and shirred wherever puff, frill, or shirring could possibly be placed. Her head was surmounted by a huge white chiffon hat, bedecked with three long but rather stringy ostrich feathers. A veil of pink chiffon, lavishly sprinkled with huge black dots, hung like a flounce from the hat brim to her shoulders and floated off in two airy streamers behind her. She wore all the jewelry that could be crowded on one small woman, and a very strong odor of perfume attended her.

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