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Did your parents read to you as a child? My mum was a great reader; even once he was quite capable of reading books himself, my brother used to appear at her door each night clutching a book and wanting to snuggle up and hear her read. There’s something very comforting about it.

I remember with great fondness the fireside reading nights we used to do at MAC Con when dear Jennie was organising. I had lots of fun reading excerpts from The Magician’s Nephew and other wonderful books, and people seemed to enjoy being read to.

This is a project I’ve been wanting to do for a while. There are classic books that I either haven’t read or have seen the movie adaptations so often that I can’t remember the details of the actual book, and I would like to read the books again. I also want to practice my reading skills. And I would like to do something fun and creative that doesn’t make me wonder how I can make money from it (arg the life of a professional creative). And since I have no convenient children to read to, I’ve decided to record my unrehearsed and unedited (read: there are some word flubbings) readings of classic (read: public domain) books.

Now, this is for my own enjoyment as much as anything, so don’t feel any compunction to listen if this ain’t your thing! I dabbled with recording some audiobook stuff for Librivox, but felt a bit too much (probably self-imposed) pressure, so I’d rather just do it under my own steam.

I decided to start with some Jane Austen. In fact, I may make my way through all her books as I haven’t read them all. But I’m kicking off with Sense and Sensibility as I think it’s my favourite. Emma Thompson’s movie adaptation was masterful, but I was surprised to re-learn that Mrs Dashwood is only about 40 and Elinor is meant to be 19! They were both cast much older in the film (even though I thought the casting was superb).

Anyway, here is the first Sunday Storytime, if you are in the mood for being read to. I’ll put up a couple of chapters at a time, each Sunday until I…stop. Enjoy!

Chapter 1


Chapter 2


Chapter 3