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tl;dr? Help me eat – buy an Everyday Gratitude Diary now!

So I’m good at promoting other peoples’ stuff, but for some reason I’m not that good at promoting my own stuff. I guess my head gets so full of a project that when it’s finally out in the world, I’ve been living with it for so long I’m ready to move on to the next thing. But of course, I have to tell the world that the thing I made exists otherwise it just sits in my garage. Like so:


Cat optional

These boxes represent a labour of love, and many good wishes for the people who end up using the beautiful Everyday Gratitude diary. Help me find them a home!


note: the teal mugs have sold out since I took this pic, but there are still some cheerful orange ones in stock

They make a great Christmas present either for someone you love and know very well, or someone you just need to buy a present for but aren’t sure about what to get because you don’t know their tastes that well (see above: good wishes). I mean, who can’t do with some more gratitude in life? And I’ve gotten lots of great feedback from people who’ve received their orders and love the 2017 Diary as a printed object; it’s high quality, peeps.


Some people have said they’ve felt a bit guilty with the current Diary because they haven’t written in it every day. Don’t worry, I haven’t either – and I created the darn thing! But that’s the beauty of it – you can dip in and out as you need to, and you can use it however you like. Some people write their daily appointments and stuff in there as well as their gratitude notes. Others draw what they’re grateful for. Still others draw and write and are completely inconsistent, but enthusiastic when they do use it (that’s me). It’s whatever you make of it, really.


I was chuffed to chat to one of the BHB girls at last weekend’s retreat who said she started off by colouring in the pictures and then decided she wanted more pictures so started drawing her own in the Diary, and has started filling her other plain notebooks with doodles and whimsical things just for the joy of it. And she admitted to never having drawn before, and now she’s unlocked this little pleasure. How wonderful!


So. If you would like your own copy of the 2017 Everyday Gratitude Diary, or you would like to give this most excellent of gifts this Christmas, order now. Also there’s a 5% discount if you buy 2 or more. I keep getting notes from Aus Post and Sendle (the courier company I use) telling me to be mindful of shipping cut off dates, so the message is to order ASAP if you need it in time for Christmas.


And if you already have a diary or this isn’t really your thang but you think maybe others might like it, please do share it around on social media. With a dated diary like this, there’s only a small window of opportunity to get them out there into peoples’ hands. I need all the help I can get!

(It feels like I’m going on and on about the Diary but when I look back at my posts, etc, I realise I’m actually not. It’s just because it’s overfamiliar to me. But I’m sorry if you’ve seen a lot of my posts and feel like it’s getting overfamiliar to you! There’s that marketing thing that says people need to see something between 5-12 times before they act on it, so maybe your share might be the thing that sends some business my way and helps me pay my bills, even if it feels a bit icky to ask for it… 😛 )

PS there will be an undated version at some point, but I could only afford to print one at a time and this one had to come first because of the time of year.