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Today mum and I drove up to Wynyard, on the north coast, to see the tulips at the Table Cape Tulip Farm (not the “choolups” as the local newsreader called them). We missed the festival last week (it was on the same day as the Northern Tasmania Bible Forum, which was well worth going to!), but the farm is open for people to walk through for another week or so. Although it was a greyish day, next week it’s forecast to rain all week, so we hit the road, listening to Miranda Hart’s Peggy and Me while we drove through the beautiful rural landscape.

You can see the tulip field from a distance, and it looks like a pleasing striped rug laid over the green fields, but you don’t really get much of a sense of scale.


View from the Table Cape lighthouse

But close up – wow. Row upon row of beautiful flowers. The riot of colours! The variety of textures!

There were a number of other people there, wandering through the rows, and mum noted that everyone seemed hushed, almost respectful. It was just incredible to be so immersed in the glorious, almost lurid, colours of nature. There were so many I didn’t photograph, but here’s a sampling:


Not just tulips – abundant rows of irises too



View back towards the lighthouse


Mum, tiptoeing through the tulips





‘Cuban night’




Mum's favourite - 'Happy generation'

Mum’s favourite – ‘Happy generation’