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We are very lucky to have a stunning, mature garden around our house. More like a park, really – I just keep imagining how a whole playground would fit in the lawn space. I’m planning to put that lawn to good use – I’m going to dig up a large portion of it and make vegetable beds, and also get some chickens to roam around on the lawn I don’t dig up. There are lots of native pademelons that come out at night and poop all over the grass, so I’ll have to net everything. But I reckon we should be able to grow a decent amount of food.

One problem is I have no idea what any of these healthy plants are. I know we have lots of mediterranean cypress, which look lovely and grand as you come up the driveway; pine trees aplenty; lilli pilli hedges; a red camellia. But there are many that I have no clue about – probably fairly common, I’d say. So I’m throwing it open to the internet (or my relatively small pocket of it, anyway). Do you know what any of these plants are?


1. The bees love this one


2. This one smells a bit weird. Planted all round the perimeter of the yard.


3. Love this colour. A tree about 2m high.


4. Starting to come into (very pretty) bloom – a tree about 2m high


5. Another tree – thought it just had leaves coming out but then noticed the bobbly things


6. Lots of thorns – not sure if this is some sort of overgrown berry cane or just…an annoying spiky plant. It’s rambling all over the place and getting mixed up with other plants.


7. Tree


8. large bush


9. Groundcover

So, green thumbs. Any ideas?