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So we sold our house! Hooray! Our neighbours increased their bid and we accepted it. There’s always the thought that maybe if we’d held out for longer there would have been a higher offer, but honestly, keeping your house neat as a pin and having people come through each week is really a pain. The neighbours were the only ones who’d made a firm offer, and it would be so nice for them all to live close to one another (they seem a very tight-knit family). So we’re happy with that.

We had held off making any further overtures to real estate agents on the advice of our mortgage broker, who said that if there’s interest from multiple parties agents will play them off against one another. So don’t start negotiating until you have money to put down then and there. So as soon as the contracts had been exchanged on our sale, I got in touch with the agent for the house we were keen on to make an offer, and this was his response:

Would you believe but the owners have just signed a contract on the property today.
If the contract falls over I will be in touch.

Oh. What is that saying about eggs and baskets? And talk about timing! The place has been on the market since March. Oh well. Clearly that’s not where we’re meant to be.

After the initial sting of disappointment and pedalling back my premature plans for the place (it’s so hard to avoid picturing yourself in a place you’d like to live in!), we starting thinking about our options. Perhaps we’d have to increase our budget a little bit. Could we go back to the idea of building something? Where would we live in the meantime? Rent is pretty cheap in Launceston, but it would be good to avoid having to move twice in a year. And the bank won’t simply transfer our mortgage like they would on an existing house; we’d have to get a construction loan.

So many things to think about, and now that our house is sold the clock starts ticking because we’ll have to be out by the end of September. We’re like the circus performers who’ve let go of one trapeze and are flying through the air, trusting that the other trapeze will be there.

So we’ve made up a list of other properties for me to go down and visit. There was another one we really liked that’s been listed since we first started looking and I made an enquiry about seeing it this week and that agent said, “there is strong interest in the property and it could possibly be sold Monday/Tuesday.  I will let you know then if I can get you through the property.” Far out. It’s hard to know in those sorts of cases whether the agents are indeed just playing potential buyers off against each other or if that’s true. You know, increasing the scarcity mindset so you rush and jump at a chance to make an offer.

We trust God. We know he’s got the right place in mind for us and will make that obvious. But trusting is hard, isn’t it? In the meantime, if you’re the praying type, pray that we would not be anxious and the timing would all dovetail nicely!