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So it took a bit longer than anticipated because banks are archaic and it takes so many days to clear a cheque. But our deposit went through today so I feel I can announce that we have a house, about 15 minutes out of Launceston!

Two weeks ago I went down to Launceston for a day and night to look at properties. Mum said she was happy for me to go by myself, which panicked me initially. I mean, a house is a big deal, surely everyone who is going to live in it should have a say? But she said she trusted my judgement and we had both looked carefully at the online listings. So off I went.

The first house was the one mum had liked the look of the most. A big blue house with lots of room and a big backyard. The agent was very chirpy and friendly, even though we met outside in the rain. The day was dark and squally, but the house was light and bright inside. It’s much, much bigger than our current house, but it felt warm and cosy and I could see us living there, how we would use the space for hospitality and ministry and visitors, where I would work, even how the cats would fit in there. Still, I told myself to be patient and to look at the other properties on my list.

The others were…okay. Some were dark. Some just made me feel claustrophobic. One I felt I had to be polite about but it just felt strange. The one other contender had incredible views over a valley and again, I could have seen us happily living there, but the block was extremely steep and I know that would be have become tiresome very quickly (it was also just out of our budget, really).

I rang mum. “It’s the blue house.”




I went back to the Barrys’, where I was staying the night, and we looked at the floor plans and photos of all the different houses. S, the teenager, peered over his dad’s shoulder and said, “I like the blue one.”

The next day I made an offer. We waited to hear back from the owners. They wanted more. We increased our offer a little. They accepted. So…here’s the blue house!


I personally think it looks like it belongs in Stars Hollow (where the Gilmore girls live). One friend asked whether it was haunted or had a secret dungeon or something…I replied the area does have a vaguely Midsomer Murders feel about it but I love it.

We had to wait for the deposit from the sale of our Sydney house to clear before we put a deposit down on the blue house. Our neighbours asked for an extra week to get their money together, which we agreed to. Then even once they had paid, we had to wait days for the cheque to clear. My catastrophising brain of course was thinking it was all going to fall through, so it was hard to be patient and trust and wait.

When I rang the Launceston agent today to tell her the deposit had been paid she said, “That must be a load off your mind. You were sounding very anxious about it!” Well it’s not every day that I sell and buy property…It’s a stressful situation with many unknowns!

But in about a month we’ll be moving into this big blue house. I’m so excited! There is so much to do between now and then…