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typewriter-smallThere is too much swirling around in my head at the moment and I need to write some of it down to stop the swirling. I realise I haven’t talked much about this particular dream to people so thought you might find it interesting.

One of the reasons I am hoping so much we get a particular property near Launceston is because I can see its potential. There is a modest house on it, but there is a large bit of land that rolls down a hill, covered in bushland, to finish at a creek. There is a space off to one side that has been cleared that would fit a little cabin or two quite nicely. What I envisage is running retreats, based on the different retreats, fellowships and camps I’ve gone on over the years, but in my own Bec style, focusing on the things that are important to me. Those things are being creative, Christian, and helping people look after themselves, any or all of those combinations.

We would provide a comfortable and quiet space for people to come and rest and let new ideas sprout. If it was a retreat for an individual they could just come and stay and do what they liked, and we’d feed them well and make sure everything was as it should be.

If it was a retreat for small groups I would run it a little more hands on – ie, there would be a program of sorts, but it would be largely self-guided. If it was one of the creative retreats, it would start with breakfast, then quiet time involving maybe a wander in the wilderness or sitting in the sun with a cuppa, then we’d all come together for morning pages (where we’d write uninterrupted for five minutes to start the creative day off without any mental clutter), maybe a short group chat around what we’re each working on, then people would be freed to go off and work on their creative projects. We’d reconvene for meals. Maybe there would be a talk or workshop or movie or something in the afternoon/evening. If it was a Christian creative retreat it would be similar, but there would be Bible time, obviously.

I wouldn’t necessarily make it open to the public all year round (ie, I wouldn’t put it up on air-bnb or similar), but would run particular retreats at particular times. Unless you apply to come and stay for an individual’s retreat, which could be anytime. And the rest of the time, the space can be available for the many friends who pop down to Launceston to visit us!

So that’s my dream. I haven’t put a timeframe on it yet. But I don’t see why it couldn’t happen. Retreats can be wonderful things, and mum and I are good at creating comfortable spaces. It’s focusing on that idea of providing calmness and quietness and letting people unfold from the stress and busyness of everyday life. Sounds appealing to me! What do you think?