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Crossposted from Everyday Gratitude

It seems like aeons ago that I had the idea for the Everyday Gratitude Diary. The past year I’ve spent getting illustrations from Jess, designing the diary, doing the crowdfunding campaign and seeing it head out into the world – it’s been exciting and exhausting. But now it’s almost time to start using the diary! This is the best bit!

If you bought an Everyday Gratitude Diary during the crowdfunding phase, maybe it’s tucked away somewhere…you might even have forgotten you have it! This weekend I reckon we should start doing our ‘the year just past’ and ‘the year ahead’ pages, and just do a few months each weekend until the new year. What do you think? Will you join me?


These pages are at the front of your Everyday Gratitude Diary, after the blurby bit by me 🙂

This sort of stuff is good to do when you have a little time to reflect, rather than rushing it. But it doesn’t need to take ages if you don’t have much time – 10 minutes should do it. Grab your favourite pen, settle down somewhere quiet with a yummy beverage, and think back over January, February and March of 2015. You might like to use this year’s diary to prompt your memory, if you’re as terrible at remembering dates as I am!

Here are some questions that might help you to fill in those little boxes:

  • What big things happened in those months (positive or negative)?
  • Did you go anywhere or do anything for the first time?
  • Does anything stand out that you are grateful for now, even if you didn’t feel grateful back then?
  • Was there a person or were there people that you were particularly grateful for in those months?

How did you go? Here’s mine:


I’ve forgotten so much stuff that happened! These are only the things that I recorded in my diary as appointments. I can’t remember how I felt, what I was thinking, all of that stuff – which is why I’m looking forward to this time next year, as my Everyday Gratitude diary will be full of the things I was grateful for!

And here are my first three months of 2016. February. What’s going on? I need to do some pleasant event scheduling! And there’s room for more in those other months too…


How did you go? You don’t have to share your pages, but if you want to, pop them up on the Everyday Gratitude Facebook page or tag them on Instagram with #everydaygratituder so others can see what your year was like and what you’re looking forward to!

A few quick reminders before I go: