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It’s been a week and a bit of intense busyness both for work (SU News and a whole bunch of small but tight deadline jobs) and at home (I painted our kitchen floor, installed a hose reel, fixed a curtain rail, bought mum a new desk and chair at IKEA and then put it together…oh yeah and cut down the bougainvillea which was a monster and had several three-metre-long stalks that were threatening to take over the world) and at church (our combined churches service was last weekend and because I was one of the song leaders that included an afternoon’s rehearsal as well as the morning itself). Unsurprisingly, I have been starting to feel a bit worn out and sad.

I was delighted yesterday to remember that a couple of weeks ago I had booked a massage at Spa Sense in Kogarah for this afternoon. Well done, Past Bec! They had 50% off spa packages, so though I normally wouldn’t have gone for it, I booked a package that was only slightly more expensive than just getting the massage on its own.

I had a massage, followed by a salt scrub, hydrating skin masque, steam bath and vichy shower. The massage, as always, was great. The next bit was kind of funny, climbing into the bottom half of a giant egg shaped pod, with coloured lights and water jets in the lid. The spa therapist scrubbed me down with sea salt, lathered me in the hydrating gel stuff and then shut the lid of the egg (my head was sticking out one end). Then it was like a sauna in the pod for about 10 minutes, followed by a vichy shower, which involved jets of water washing all the salt and masque off.

I don’t think I’d do it again but it was fun, a bit like getting the fish foot spa in Malaysia a few years ago. I’m a fan of novelty. Either way, it is good to do things that recharge and refresh. And this weekend I’m heading up to Katoomba for Engage, so I’ll get some spiritual refreshment too, and time to hang out with friends.