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Cross-posted from Everyday Gratitude

One thing I’m enjoying about this whole process of talking about gratitude and the Everyday Gratitude Diary is my friends telling me that they’re thinking more about what they’re grateful for, and even how it is transforming ordinary experiences. I also love how my mind is leaning towards a grateful aspect more and more as a default.

Here’s an example: this week, as there’s been a real bite in the winter air, every single time I’ve been getting under a hot shower I have marvelled at how wonderful it is. The feel of the water on my skin, being thoroughly heated up, sloughing off all the winter dryness, feeling refreshed and clean and restored. I’ve thought about how thankful I am for such a simple thing that is denied so many people; I think about the homeless beggars in the city and how a hot shower is not something easily accessible to them and yet I just turn on the tap and there it is. The ordinary act of having a shower becomes something joyful, warming my mind and heart as much as my skin.

Yesterday I sat down to do some colouring of the diary pictures with my dear friend Sammi, and we made a little video. We had a chat about colouring and gratitude (and lots of other things but they’re not in the video). Have a watch:

Colouring in and gratitude from Bec Jee on Vimeo.