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Thanks! How practicing gratitude can make you happier
by Robert A. Emmons

I have to say up front, I really hate the exclamation mark in the title. But aside from that, this seems to be quite a good book so far, even though I’ve only read a couple of chapters. Emmons is one of the few academics who has done major studies on gratitude, so I thought it would be good to read his book and find out more about the science of gratitude. I know it feels good to do it, but why? I liked this bit:


We cannot be grateful without being thoughtful. It doesn’t happen by accident.


These posts on Elon Musk, energy and the electric car
by Tim Urban on WaitButWhy

I appreciate the way Urban distils topics like this into fascinating (and in this case very long) posts (I think he said he second one is something like 25 000 words). With cartoons. Also I’m fascinated by Elon Musk and if someone ever said to me “you can have any luxury car you want” I would choose a Tesla Model S. Because that’s totally going to happen, and now I’m prepared with an answer for when it does.


Craft for the Soul
by Pip Lincolne

The last word goes to Pip! She is very good at encouraging, and when I’m feeling stuck, her words are often the little spur I need to get going again.

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What have you been reading that’s lit your fire lately?