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You may have missed last night’s post because it was around midnight and, well, that’s probably not the optimal time to post if you want readers! But I’ve decided to do Ann Voskamp’s June Joy Dare – naming gifts each day that I’m grateful for.

Today is 3 Gifts Funny

2015-04-14 17.18.00-2Mattie
My cat is constantly amusing to me. I am very grateful to have that neurotic furry companion to entertain me throughout my mostly solitary days. Seeing her little face pop up at the window always makes me laugh.

This is a little dark, but I am grateful for our friend Barbara. She’s 83 and has had to go into a nursing home; she has struggled with ill health for years, but has always maintained a positive outlook and been very independent. Then recently she fell and broke some bones and now can no longer walk. She is stuck in bed, unable to shift her position at night, longing just to put her feet on the floor. The thing she hates most is the hoist the staff use to get her out of bed to have showers, etc.

Barbara looks like the typical friendly grandma (even though she isn’t a grandmother) but she has a wicked, very funny sense of humour, which I think is enhanced by her innocent demeanour. She said the other day when they were hoisting her out of bed, “I had a bit of fun with them. I started shouting, ‘They’re killing me! They’re killing me!’ Nobody seemed to mind.” Then she grinned. Mum and I just burst out laughing and I pictured it like some sort of Monty Python sketch.

I find it amazing that she can still laugh and joke even though she’s in a miserable little room, with nothing to do and no one to talk to for most of the day. It breaks my heart that such a lively mind is stuck in a disintegrating body, but I am so grateful for her generous, loving spirit and how closely she has walked with God despite the many difficulties she has endured in her life.

Crabb and Sales
10683430_306555832881918_1484081512878377577_oLately I’ve been listening to Chat 10 Looks 3, Annabel Crabb and Leigh Sales’s podcast. I like each
of them individually and finding out that they’re best friends is perfect, really. So eavesdropping on their friendship is like hanging out with your own friends, listening to them talk about books and movies and current affairs and food and ridiculous things. I find myself laughing aloud along with them, and it’s rather delightful. I’m grateful for their friendship and that they share it with the world.

Have you got anything funny in your life that you’re grateful for?